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Nocturnal News

Jester's Event

Varkun a posted Mar 23, 17

There is a new event that will be starting in a few hours that for some of you hardened pvp nuts will be nothing more than fluff, which in all honesty thats all it is. This event however will offer 3 dayly quests that will reward a box that will provide a random reward of some fluffy item's that will clog up your inventory, plus a silly looking crown. The only practical items are possibly the new provisioning recipe that will also drop from the random boxes of fluff, so hopefully the gods of rngeesus will smile on you and they drop before you have to repeat the quests too many times.

Good luck.

Here are a couple of images of the new skinchanger heavy and medium armour set, personally I think it looks quite good, but that is just my opinion.

Dont forget that the pts is now up for update 13 with many new and exciting things on the way due to go live sometime around mid febuary.

New Life Festival Begins

Varkun a posted Dec 15, 16

Well the 15th has finally arrived and the new life festival will start later tonight and run until the 4th of January. There will be new motif's to collect, cooking recipe, and many other items from the dayly quests of which there are 9 in total apparently. During the festival there will also be special limited time items from the crown store so keep your eyes open if there is something you might like to purchase.

Below is a pic of the elk mount that will be available at some stage through the festival from the crown store.


New Life Festival the Recipe

Varkun a posted Nov 22, 16

At some stage towards christmas there will be a New Life Festival, the achievements for which you can find in your achievements list. How all of this will work or when this event starts are yet to be anounced, I have however found on the main forums a list of the new recipe's that will become available.

Link :Link here

The one I find quite interesting is the max stamina, stamina regen that counts as a drink, will go very nicely with the pirate tatters set.

PS. dont forget to open the spoilers tab once you open the link.

Vet Pledges

Varkun a posted Nov 7, 16

Hello all, as some of you may be aware we are trying to get veteran trials up and running. We have a thread running on the forums for people to make their interest known and desired role, tank, heals, or dps. I would like to encourage people to post their thoughts on this subject even if you have no interest in running trials.

I would also like people to put foreward any other ideas they might have as to competitions or other guild events we could hold, any and all ideas will be considered.

Varkun a That could be a good idea, call it the bomb squad
Allan3136 For a fun Ava night we could try a "bombade" night, proximity det, blazing shield, etc.