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Nocturnal News

Nocturnal's gotta catch 'em all event is on TONIGHT!!

Get a sorcerer to level 15 (so you have 2 weapon bars unlocked), and equip your 2 two pet abilites on both bars so they don't disappear when you swap bars, and thats it!

This is not a compulsary requirement for the night and all players are welcome regardless.  You dont need a Sorcerer fully levelled, this is purely just to for fun!

Other alternatives are:

  • Maw of the Inferanl monster set (spawns a fire breathing Daedroth for 15 seconds
  • Werewolf - pack leader morph which spawns 2 wolf pets

After our last succesful werewolf event, we cant wait to terrorise cyrodiil again this tonight.

For more upcoming events, future ideas and to join in on the conversation, follow this link and share your thoughts!

Varkun a Pets are crap
Trikki a I think I'll have to log in for this one, sounds like fun
Varkun a Needed to read stapes comment lol :-) but need to get that download going on Wednesday night as it will be fairly big i...

This Wednesday guild AvA night, 21/9, Nocturnal goes into beast mode!

Get yourself bitten by a werewolf, run it as an ultimate on your bar and join us as we transform as guild to unleash havoc on our enemies!

This is not a compulsary requirement for the night and all are welcome regardless.  You dont need to werewolf levelled, this is purely just to for fun and something a little different!

For more upcoming events, ideas and to join in on the conversation, go here http://nocturnalguild.com.au/forum/m/6111752/viewthread/28509304-few-ideas-for-guild-nights and share your thoughts!

Drag0nX dont know how I will go but If I can get on I will try my best.. I have a NB stam WW I think so should be good to go str...

Hey everyvody, it has been a while since we have run a competition so here is one. Competition ends 1-2-16 and to compete you will need the Kill Counter addon by mikethecoder4. The objective is to screen shot the highest KDR (kill-death ratio) and Kill Streak and put it up on this thread. The condition will be that for the KDR you must have a total kills for the session of more than 50 or it will not count and you MUST be wearing your guild tabard in the shots. Now for the good part prizes!!!


KDR Comp:
1st: 100k gold + 100 Rubedite Ignot
2nd: 50k gold + 100 Ancestor Silk
Last: Stinkhorn

Kill Streak Comp:
1st: 100k gold + 100 Rubedite Ignot
2nd: 50k gold + 100 Sanded Ruby Ash
Last: Stinkhorn

Side Comp: Since we don't want to neglect our Tanks/Healers I will run a side comp for those

Tank Comp: The player that screen shots themselves standing alive amongst the most enemy players in cyrodiil will receive 100k gold

Heal Comp: The player that screen shots the highest heals per second in cyrodiil will receive 100k gold

I will be personally putting the mats/gold up for the prizes and I am hoping that this will add an extra little edge to our pvp play. Good luck all and happy hunting!


ManicMonkey Ignot? Didn't pick up that in Dragon's post lol

For the month of June we are running a compeition for the most ballsy screen capture taken inside an enemy keep or resource! After you realise all is lost and the enemy is going to take the keep or resource hide up and wait until it flips (don't do this on Wednesday AvA night please!!). Take a screen capture somewhere you can see the red/blue faction markers or flag on the keep or resource and post it to the AvA forum thread. Bonus points for big ballsy gestures like setting up a treb or dancing around in a wedding dress over their front door. So get your crazy on and win yourself 50k gold!

For the month of May we're running some competitions, we will be giving away gold, gold mats and small children (thanks for the donations Dragon :P ) ok, maybe not the last one. Will be running Cyro Selfie a month long screenshot competition, Tombstone Totaller as well as Emperor of NOC which is basically the highest ranking NOCer at the end of May in Chillrend so you have a couple of weeks to practice before it counts.

Emperor of NOC
Who will become Emperor of NOC at the end of May?
Head to the Emp of NOC thread in the AvA forum before the 26th of May to register for the competition (If you don't register your score won't count at the end of the month), we will keep the original post updated and once the campaign has started encourage you to update the thread at the end of an AvA session so we can keep track of who is leading the charge!

Emperor of NOC (bragging rights for the month June only)
Your choice of 10 gold crafting mats (Can mix it up doesn't have to be all of 1 type)
Guard of Honour in Cyrodiil NAKED, yes naked. During an Wednesday AvA night we all strip off, form a circle around the Emporer and /kowtow until it gets awkward...

Cyro Selfie
The AvA forum Cyro Selfie thread is where you need to post your pics! Take a selfie in Cyrodiil of whatever the hell you want but keep in mind the judges have sick sick minds and there will be extra points for gratuitous nudity, lewd poses on unsuspecting AFKs and photo bombing (Some NOCers already know not to go AFK around Argy). At the end of the month GM & Officers (who are not able to enter but can post pics for lulz) will vote on the best or worst depending how you look at it....

1st - 50,000 Gold
2nd - 35,000 Gold
3rd - 15,000 Gold

Tombstone Totaller
May you bathe in the blood of your enemy. Head to Tombstone Totaller thread in AvA forum to post your glorious graveyards of the wiped. Post a screenshot of the most dead red & blue you can in the one screenshot. Simple just tally up the number of dead enemy alliance markers and the highest score wins!

1st - 10,000 Gold & 6 gold crafting mats
2nd - 5,000 Gold & 4 gold crafting mats
3rd - 2,000 Gold & 2 gold crafting mats

So NOCers call in sick for work, send your partners on a "surprise (it's just you going) weekend away" and get your game on, see you in Cyrodiil!!!

Drag0nX pretty sure varks hasn't received his /kowtow yet lol
Trikki a Nice one Zarc, I'm liking more competitions that don't mean I have to trade my life for it lol
Drag0nX if you want some shit wrecked just lmk... my kids are available for hire and will destroy anything lol